Earth Unveiling Disclosure Situation, The Time Matrix Avatar System Soul Farm - Aug Tellez

"Non-Human entities manage the Earth society as an energy harvesting matrix for lower energy. One could say this is Phase 1 information because - this deals with the corruption, however because this includes information on advanced technology, non-terrestrial planes, and non-human entities this is actually 1,2, and 3. - However, the ultimate picture is that the entire plane is corrupted, there is literally no end to Phase 1 and they are all connected.

There are memory wipes in this current system. A team of people/entities/ are there to assist in nullifying the wipes.
Every return of an entity/spirit to the surface requires complete restructuring of the spirit’s view of the universe/life.

Background daemon processing systems, are designed as programs to ‘clean up’ or maintain the continuity of their system/set-up: ‘the carrying-out of the memory wiping’. . .

... Somewhere in an earlier version of civilization someone introduced memory wiping to the system. The energy harvesting system is a natural effect of the reality construct where the soul holds more energy than the body -- so the body is used as a way to siphon off energy from the soul by more powerful ‘domain lords’ who have figured out how to remain indefinitely.

The current system is based upon this format. Humanity is farmed for their energy and the controllers or ones in the know, profit off of the energy farming by maintaining continual power and by literally taking the energy and converting it into a format that allows them to live very long lives.

Earth, a prison planet... or what? Are we just wave form informational field, as David Icke says?

Aug Tellez/ and his blogs narrative: 'The meat puppet avatar' and its 'wave form informational field' are NOT mutually exclusive. Humans are both, and both -the body/and spirit- have grave limitations! The meat puppet avatar is stuck under the dome, on the Earth Grid - much like an avatar in a video game. Its 'wave form informational field' is free to transition to other worlds/realms, once it's separated from its physical body. But then it may lose all its information - acquired knowledge, life-experience, and lessons learned. - Hence, a prison planet, indeed! (When Aug compares Earth to a video game field, he sees the world as a holographic reality - A Truman Show. Plato's cave, would be a good comparison. Reality vs illusion. We all see it in our mind's eye, it seems... (I have to ask Aug Tellez. Dr. L. Susskind, and Dr. Bruce Lipton might want to contribute - All see the world as a hologram and/or a simulation.)

James Corbett also does not seem to believe in a space program/secret or not, that would be capable of taking a manned crew beyond the Earth Orbit. Many other researchers share these conclusions. (I have to ask James Corbett!)

For the majority of mainstream viewers, it's almost given that humanity will end up colonizing space - Mars and the Moon to start with. All believe that Star Trek will end up reality, even in their lifetime. While many Alt-Media researchers consider such TV series as Star Trek opiate for the masses: Hope-porn.

UPDATE: DEC 8, 2020: The Galactic Federation Revealed! What We All NEED TO DO NEXT! - Jason Bermas
Responding to the latest distraction:
Jerusalem Post: Former Israeli space #security chief Haim Eshed has revealed that aliens from a "Galactic Federation" have been in contact with the US and #Israel for years, but humanity isn't ready to know this. Or so he claims. They covertly conduct experiments on humans/"non-invasive, supposedly" and maintain an “underground base in the depths of Mars.” In his most extraordinary assertion, Eshed said the US government had reached an explicit “agreement” with the distant visitors.

UPDATE: NOV 26, 2020: RE: Worldwide Covid-19 testing, does it facilitate covert collection of population's DNA for companies such as Blackstone? Furthermore, this testing is already considered grossly inaccurate, if not outright generating "false positive" results most of the time. And could the swab testing be infecting those willing to be tested in the first place? And what are they being infected with? Finally, those getting tested are getting BARCODED! See:

See: Iluminate Biodiversity – international Barcode of Life

Most of the genetic materials there do not appear terrestrial. So what are they injecting the human race with?!

REGARDING SPACE: What is real, and what is false. Compare all narratives, including that of Project Camelot/Kerry Cassidy/ in conversation with Bill Deagle (Dr. Arthur Neuman) below, whose narrative quotes US Space Command General who states that: 'the US controls every cubic centimeter of space between here and Mars. And that they've had a colony on Mars since the early 1980s, and found evidence of previous civilizations of human life, going back a long time. Also, that they’ve had an entire city on the Moon for mining operations for Helium-3. Plus, that they have entire fleets of space-based vehicles, and have more advanced sub- and above-light vehicles that are interstellar. Finally, that they have entire rings of space-based platforms around Earth (?Elon Musk/Skynet?-this is true), and that they have collaboration with advanced civilizations...' BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

The majority of presenters in the area of Space, NASA, Secret Space Program are working on somebody's behalf. Who are the ones that I believe? There might be one whose information I take seriously. For the most part, they've managed to confuse everybody. When you choose to favor one side over the other, it's no better than believing in Santa Claus!

Also, let's not forget that it was Stanley Kubrick who filmed the 1969 US Moon Landing. There apparently was a different Moon Landing that was real, and was secret... BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

top left image: 'How-to-Fake-Alien-Invasion' on / top right image: Aug Tellez: Holoreality on Earth Wernher Von Braun, (Nazi scientist, RE: Operation Paperclip), suggested that if it looks like the Fourth Reich/The Zio-Anglo Nazi Empire, in the making/ - if it has a hard time winning in the years to come, that it would serve them to create a false flag -1- 'Meteor Threat' at first, and if that didn't work out, to create a false flag -2- 'Alien Invasion'. Freemasonic training, there... Well, INSTEAD, they came up with a full spectrum lockdown /& COVID-19 - "BRAND THEM AND TAG THEM!"

Wernher Von Braun, a physicist, knew that we lived under the dome/Firmament/ and no matter how many thermonuclear explosions we'd aim at the Firmament, it wouldn't make any difference. He had hopes, though, since he wrote a sci-fi novel in which a leader of a Mars colony is called Elon! And Elon ["We'll coup whomever we want. Deal with it.." re: Bolivia/lithium for electric batteries], the NWO 'Ironman', sure looks a lot like young Von Braun, doesn't he?

Nikola Tesla before he died disclosed that he was in communication with beings on Mars.
He sent a detailed letter to the New York Times. Shortly after he was found dead in his hotel room.

The public never found out what was written in that letter.
D.Trump's uncle (MIT grad) was given all of Tesla's stolen work to decipher.
Then Von Braun writes his fiction about a leader of a Mars colony named ELON. -
[Yes, they lie, cheat and steal, and MURDER!]

On his tomb stone, Nikola Tesla implies that the Earth population is a hive-mind entity that probably stands no chance of distinguishing truth from falsehood of what is presented/fed to them.

Also, does he not say that in the Bible it is written that there was/is a man who breaks through the firmament? Tesla is/was that man.

But then, they killed him and stole his papers.
Did the NASA/Los Alamos Lab scientists manage to make use of Nikola Tesla's work to create a real functional Space Program? They claim they have a Secret Space Program. They stole $41. trillion (incl: Japanese WWII loot) from the Pentagon treasury, so it better be good. But did they really use all that money for Space rather than their Underground Bases and Cities, with all the luxuries and comforts to survive their thermonuclear Armageddon? Why don't they brag about this Interstellar Space Program and show it off in its brilliant functionality? It would be interesting to hear what Russia and China had to say about it.

And speaking of Breaking Through The Firmament Barrier, let's ask Dr. M. T. Keshe, Iranian nuclear/NANO/plasma scientist if NASA managed to successfully implement his Space Program/findings? Speaking of Keshe Foundation's technologies, he tells us that:

  • New tech – structure of the Universe enables them to work without scaffolding
  • No motors, aircraft, or shuttles necessary
  • Producing materials, producing “water” necessary
  • No need to bend Field!
  • Giving the technology to all/ no boundary there
  • Gravitational magnetic field smaller than that of earth
  • Gov’s not into nuclear tech anymore
  • Ghana’s first spaceport/airport for plasma/Nano/scalar tech
  • Their shielding protects; this tech is relatively cheap
  • Going into essence of creation (explanation needed)
  • Electronics are too slow; Keshe technology is instant/ speed of thought
  • Solution to hunger, sickness, poverty…
  • The shape of their spaceship is UFO disc/dish-shaped. It's a cauldron shaped top reactor, on 4-legs. It's Earth-shaped, donut-shaped, neither round, nor flat
  • Keshe tech corrects birth defects, mental/physical handicaps–no big Pharma necessary
  • No fuel required, no materials necessary
  • Plasma tech prevented accidents/ nuclear accidents, t.i.
  • They expanded their shielding – no rockets can hurt them…
  • Fukashima handled, apparently; clean-up slow/ will take years/ cannot be contained but the human body can expel nuclear radiation
  • The Japanese were enriching uranium; Israel attacked/ targeted hit/ China syndrome/ 3 reactors hit – not likely all caused by one country
  • RE: Ghana Spaceport – Keshe foundation continually attacked…
  • They can paralyze any of US-Pentagon/Rothschild Military Industrial Complex creations
  • Gaseous & solid/fluid interaction - acid & iron = hemoglobin
  • Zinc & copper = muscles & tissues
  • Calcium & potassium = make bones
  • ET communication is ongoing. Life can exist anywhere
  • 1/3 of Earth population not terrestrial!
  • Space is apparently peaceful/ Wars in space do not exist –otherwise, it's just fiction
  • AI only fiction
  • Human body made from Nano tech
  • Humans can elevate their own soul
  • Going into space – for over 8 years already
  • Former King of Belgium/threatened Keshe and his family/with death & torture...


    1) New tech – structure of the Universe enables them to work without scaffolding ... ? - e.g. Carl Sagan's CONTACT - like "the benzels rotating in orthogonal direction/ torsion/ spinning gyres/ never seemingly leaving Earth, yet arriving light years away, then right back on Earth"? Please explain.

    2) Going into essence of creation ... PLEASE DR. M. T. KESHE, DO A WHOLE PRESENTATION ON THIS TOPIC! What is the essence of creation?

    3) 1/3 of Earth population not terrestrial! - Please tell us, how did these ET end up on Earth? - REPLACING POPULATIONS/ WITH HUMAN PROXIES?

    Jon Levi's Channel is among a number of sources that discloses the nature of RESETS on Earth, and the presence of advanced technology throughout time:
    Questioning the Narrative, Jon Levi channel /// White Genocide & The Archontic Infection: John Lash on Red Ice Radio

    Why are they issuing picture ID at World Fairs? Why all those Incubators on location? Why are there only adult crowds in immaculate attire?

    4) AI fiction...really? D-wave computers likely in existence throughout time only just got disclosed publicly - Palantir, etc. - AI fiction? ...AI RUNS WORLDS!

    --- (Please check out these refs: SAPOLSKI re: TAXOPLASMOSIS, // Colin Wilson: MIND PARASITE / John Lamb Lash: NOT IN HIS IMAGE / re: NAG HAMADI CODICES) - Transhumanism - Artificial Technomania of the Archons -

    5) Human body made from Nano tech... Yes, but most humans don't know how it works: how to provide for their basic needs - food and water with NANO-plasma tech!

    6) In Space for over 8-yrs? Then is The Keshe Foundation working with the likes of the below quoted "US Space Command that apparently controls every cubic centimeter of space between here and Mars? That's had a colony on Mars since the early 1980s, and found evidence of previous civilizations of human life there going back a long time. That's had an entire city on the Moon for mining operations for Helium-3", etc, etc? If the Keshe Foundation is part of all that? Where does that leave their PEACE IS A PREREQUISITE/ the Keshe Foundation's PEACE efforts? The US Space Command is working on, as Mr. Putin says, owning the entire Solar system. And peace is definitely not part of their plan! But close collaboration with ET races, including the predatory/vampiric ones is the plan - has to be, otherwise they wouldn't have the technology!

    7) Former King of Belgium threatened M. T. Keshe and family... - This makes no sense. If the Obama/Clinton Admin. OK-ed Professor M. T. Keshe's technology to be given to North Korea to control China, then since Belgium/EU is under the US/Zio-Anglo/NATO thumb, why would they attract this kind of attention? - Especially since Professor M. T. Keshe worked for the EU Space Agency at the time?

    Dear friends,

    These questions are for all, including Aug Tellez/WordPress, the author of the top two quotes. Also , Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot, quoted below, David Icke/, Elana Freeland/, Dr. M. T. Keshe/KF, Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell/GizaDeathStar, Webster Tarpley, John Lamb Lash, Martin Liedke/FEB, Jon Levi, Michael Tellinger, Anthony Patch, Dan Winter, Richard C. Hoagland, Catherine Austin Fitts/SolariReport, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and ThunderboltsProject/Electric Universe (whom I just discovered), Henrick Palmgren/RedIceRadio, and others could weigh in on these highly esoteric but very familiar to them topics!

    Along with no less important friends whose news, less esoteric and more excellent day to day information that's really appreciated: Cristian, Webb, CorbettReport/James Corbett, (How-to-Fake-Alien-Invasion, top image, left), RT/Chris Hedges, Liberty Report/Dr. Ron Paul & Daniel McAdams, Grayzone/Max Blumenthal, Truthstream Media, Really Graceful, Jason Bermas, Jimmy Dore, The Crowdhouse/Max Igan, RFB2/Richie From Boston, DahBoo777, and others that I might have forgotten to name, could well pitch in to decipher any of these issues. Even if you consider much of this far fetched, weigh in, and express your own views. I'll post them all.

    Love to all ... and many thanks. (All these are the presenters/bloggers I follow on YouTube, and post links to their information/URL, etc.)


    !BlackRock is an Asset Management Co. -with serious ties to Israel - in charge of US treasury including Bailout Plan, to being in charge of US voting machines! Canada also "chose" to have BlackRock in charge of Bailout Plan, minus voting/no machines there to rig. !But Pension Plan might be affected/rigged! Question: Is Israel in charge of North America? In charge of culling/liquidating North American assets? Do we say there was a silent takeover?!

    Please comment! Nobody else is disclosing this, except for The Last American Vagabond - Ryan Cristian, whose two reports are linked below.

    BlackRock Is Heavily Invested In 3M (Masks) & The Rockefeller-Funded COVID Predictive Tracking Ring

    The COVID Coup: The BlackRock Takeover Of American Interests

    Podcast: Whitney Webb on the Rise of a Biotech Industrial Complex Under COVID-19

    CORONA VIRUS MIND BLOWN with Whitney Webb and Tim Dillon
    (The scariest info out there - RE: Control and Depopulation of the US/ hence likely applicable to Canada.)

    Chris Hedges The Ruling Elite Has Lost All Legitimacy 4 June 2020

    Tennessee Man Repeatedly Told By Contact Tracers That He Has COVID-19-But He Was Never Tested -The Last American Vagabond - Ryan Cristian - the latest report
    See enclosed report chart here:

  • Project Camelot in conversation with Bill Deagle (Dr. Arthur Neuman)
    BD: In July 1994, The Senior Commander of the US Space Command comes up, and says: "Docs, I come to Jesus-talk for you." And he has this real serious look. He says: "You’re one of our guys now. So you’re gonna hear stuff, because you’re working with these guys who are working on all these weird projects. These guys are the brightest guys in engineering, cybernetics, physics, space-based weapons, everything. And you’re going to get exposed to things. And so you won’t hear it from somebody else, so I’m going to tell you right now. "We control every cubic centimeter of space between here and Mars. And I said: You mean between here and the Moon. He said: No. Mars."
    "We’ve had a colony on Mars since the early 1980s, and we found evidence of previous civilizations of human life on there going back a long time. We’ve had an entire city on the Moon for mining operations for Helium-3."
    "We have entire fleets of space-based vehicles, and we have more advanced sub- and above-light vehicles that are interstellar. OK? You need to know that. Even though we have entire rings of space-based platforms around Earth, we have collaboration with advanced civilizations. And if you don’t know this stuff, you might as well know it now. And if you have questions about anything, ask me, because otherwise, if you’re not in the loop, you’re gonna freak out." Kerry Cassidy: OK. When was this? What year?
    BD: July 10th, 1994.

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