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- synopsis volume II. -

May 8, 2020, Vancouver, BC

Dear D. I.,

The posted chapters on this/ my website, including Synopsis Volume I., are a sample of what this work of fiction is about.

I am looking for a platform to advertise my Novel. Volume I. is completed, Volume II. is almost finished. The former is a narrative, the latter consists of agons, akin to acts in a play/ screenplay.

They say that once you step out of the Matrix that you become visible. To whom? Agent Smith/or sentient AI? - My fictional characters are The Visible Ones - 18th century and onward to here and now where humanity is under siege, and under house arrest; about to get vaccinated -'tagged and branded', like cattle, like property, that they were told over and over that this was all they were on this Earth. Nobody listened, nobody got it. Well, NOW it’s before them and many still don’t get it...

In Chapter 1, vol II, I describe these two volumes as some Pan-Slavonic, Pan-Austro-Hungarian, Pan-Holy Roman Empire-like - fictional, or not so fictional - Grimoire [transhumanism implied], written by an entity that was/and is very much invested in telling this story.

For a while now, I’ve been mulling over of who ‘the capable man’ who supposedly arrives too late to help ‘the gentiles' is, as the Protocols (p.23) state. – Reading that, did you per chance think that they were daring somebody to take them down? If this was a video game, it would be called PREDATORS VS THE DEFENDERS.

Do you think it's too late? Is the majority of people still asleep and/or MK-Ultra'd? I'm asking myself these questions while I'm writing this second volume, under these precarious circumstances we all find ourselves in. One thing I know - there are many more Visible Ones - you, the most visible one of all. And I intend to connect up with all that are visible to me, while we're all writing this peculiar chapter in human history.

My Chapter-9, vol-II, "Speaking of Printed Matter", this chapter is among six I call 'explosively radical ones', hence I only post three of the least explosive chapters. The second one is Chapter-11, vol-II, "Per Me reges regnant". The third one is: Chapter-13-vol-II "Fecal Worm" (re: "Bunder manure"***). I dedicate these six chapters to you as my own personal thank-you note for all that you have shared with the world in the last 30 years.

I’m wondering if my website and its format would be suitable for one of your future platforms? All my fiction writing is already in HTML with copious memes - my graphic design, and there is also a variety of excerpts of my short stories. All chapters could be presented in audio files as well.

Please let me know if the format of my work in progress would be suitable, and if my content would be acceptable without being deemed too radical. Or what changes in format or content/edits you would advise.

Many thanks & very best regards,

From ***BUNDERN and other goat manure:
"We have a federal city, and federal states, federal administration, federal courts, a federal constitution, for which there is also a court and protection, Federal Interior and Foreign Ministry, federal staff, who also identify themselves and think that they are citizens, federal police, Bundestag and Bundesrat .... etc.
So then also a Bundeswehr, which is the weir of the Federation, and thus the opposite of what one actually thinks, because it is just not the weir of the nations/countries. And that's how it can be seen in the logo: WE SERVE" (the question is WHOM/WHAT?)"

* * *

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