A n t F u g u e :

Is a system's knowledge of itself forever destined
to be incomplete?
Where the 'declarative' side is often followed blindly
to a T,
the 'procedural' side is not even guessed at:
The program knows N O T the programmer,
nor does it care . . .
What transpires when a system starts inquiring
into its procedural manual?
It ceases to be an automaton;
its program becomes a variable:
a new programmer is born

Although this course is inevitable, being itself accounted for
in the initial 'procedural piece',
there is no telling whether it will take a system
a hundred, or million years
before it stops functioning automatically.
And the pain!, the P A I N is immeasurable . . .

And the anthill can't help the ant
though the ant furthers the anthill,
even if it dies.
'Tis the 'procedure' -
MEAT IS CHEAP; there are tons of it for a pittance.
But w h y , o h W H y ?
And d i D t h e y r e a l l y
a s k the ant if it cared to participate in the carnage?

A Poem by G. B. Pohoral (10/27 87.)

©1987. G. B. Pohoral.

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