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Both dorsal and palmar aspect of the hand can be used at the same time, but when using the fingers of the hand only to represent the entire microcosm of the whole body (-each part represents the whole - in a system such as TCM), Dr. Tung's ancient manual suggests that when using the fingers exclusively, that these shouldn't be used bi-laterally. When using the hands, you can of course use both hands. That's what bilateral means. For my own treatments, when I use only the finger points, one time I use my left hand, the next time, I use the right. In the image above, I'm using my left hand.

On the fingers, only the tiny needles such as - 0.10x13mm, or 0.16x13mm - can be used, as opposed to larger needles like the ones used on the palm or dorsal aspect of the hand - 0.22x25mm. Even larger ones are used on the legs or abdomen or the back, anywhere where large muscles can be found, along with any real and tangible depth of muscle to be penetrated - 0.25x40mm or 0.25x50mm - these are used instead.

When using the entire body, I use major Source Points (points of strategic importance and potency) to implement fast changes - to fix a problem - such as to aleviate stress, releave muscle aches and pain, etc. There are Source Points on the feet (on the Liver or Stomach, or Gallbladder channels), on the legs (the Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Stomach, or Gallbladder channels), or on the abdomen (on the Conception Vessel/channel), or on the hands and arms (Large Intestine, Lung, or Heart Channels) to give you some major examples. On the entire body - feet, legs, abdomen, arms - I always do treatments BI-LATERALLY. Obviously I don't use my back since I can't reach it on myself, but no matter - the front of the body - in itself represents the whole body; and therefore, it is perfectly adequate to use alone.

Back to the hands, the finger points are often bi-points or tri-points, and those are particularly potent. That means that to access the energy of a single -tripoint, you have to insert 3 different needles, perhaps in a row, just a few millimeters apart on the lower part of the dorsal aspect of the ring finger -it happens to be a major adrenal point- 11.15 Huo-Hsi.. To describe the tri-point on the dorsal side of the lower falangial aspect of the ring finger, this tri-point regulates kidney/adrenal energy - good for us, adrenal junkies - athletes/runners, coffee drinkers/computer junkies, etc.) - A major bi-point, to give you an example, would be 11.20 Mu-Yen, that treats serious liver problems. It is on the palmer aspect of the hand, on the upper falangial aspect, midway between the top and bottom crease, on the side of the little finger. I don't do individual acu-points in isolation without a proper strategic constellation of supporting points. It's like herbal formulas: a single herb is not as effective as an entire herbal a formula - with major herbs in larger quantities, and supporting herbs, in smaller quantities. TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine - is all about balancing everything out - the Yin and the Yang, the Blood, Fluids, Organs, and all..

to be continued...

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